VDGLASS is supplying a fundamental service to product development and placement.

Such service is presented in collaboration with CIAS Innovation, one of the top players in market research tools, specifically neurosciences applied to neuromarketing.
Our studies are aimed at establishing how and how far is the consumer’s experience enhanced by serving in its custom-made glass, creating an unconscious, immediate link between a drink and its brand.
Test results have confirmed : ‘Associating product and brand during consumption improves and strenghtens the experience.’ When a popular drink is tasted in its bespoke glass (vs a generic glass) the emotional involvement, the functional and visual appeal are far stronger. This means the drink obtains a higher sensory and emotional value.
These data are a concrete, scientific proof of the subconscious and conscious effects of a bespoke glass on the consumer’s tasting experience that also becomes more exclusive.

VDGLASSLAB offer the perfect answer, projecting and creating your signature glass and allowing you to test its effectiveness before its market activation.